Wedding Etiquette

Remember one thing.........

A handcrafted Invitation is very personal to you and your Husband to be! 

 Also a lovely little keepsake for your guests to cherish

Joolsedesigns, just love designing bespoke stationery based on a couple's individual ideas and requirements. If you are looking for something that little bit special, guaranteed never to be seen at another wedding then let me design it for you.

This also applies to Cards for all Occasions

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If you have looked through the wedding stationery
and can not find what you are looking for please
feel free to contact me by email and I can
discuss a design for you.

I can make cards in the following sizes:
A5, A6, DL, slim DL
6x6, 5x5 and 4x4 square size cards.

Etiquette for your Stationery

'Save the date'
Send out to people to let them know when you are getting married. They are normally used if you have set the date more than six months in advance. 

Wedding: Usual invitations sent to invite people to the whole day's celebrations first and usuallyä to 8 weeks prior to the wedding.
Evening: Sent to people who are invited only to the evening celebration,  these are sent out usually six week prior to the wedding.
Remember it is courteous to hand write the envelopes this is usually done by the Bride and the Brides Mother

R.S.V.P cards:
It is very fashionable to include these with your invitations, to help your guests to reply promptly.

Order of Service/Order of the Day:
Often used in both church and civil ceremonies. They usually contain all the information needed for the service and/or the schedule for the day.

Table plans and table names:
This is a large plan of the room layout with the location of each table and who is seated where. The table names help people find the exact location in the room.

Menus and Place cards:
The menus are used at the reception and are usually displayed on the tables. The place cards are for use with seating plans which helps the guests find exactly where they are to be seated.

Thank you cards:
Sent out after the wedding to thank people for the gifts you have received, but can also be for the wedding party and helpers.

These are often sweets, chocolates or a small gift for each guest The giving of Favours to your guests symbolises
the bride's acknowledgement of each friend and
relative who shares her special day. They are a beautiful thank you and keepsake.

Bomboniere the Italian name for wedding favours.

Wedding favours are usually made using 5 sugared almonds
wrapped up in an attractive cover either in the
form of delicate lace nets, organza or tule or
elegantly designed boxes.

Each of the 5 sugared almonds/sweet contained in all
Wedding Favours symbolise:-
Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.

Some Brides prefer to give a gift other than almonds,
If you prefer to give something a little different to almonds you can have scented candles, pot pourri, belgian chocolates also love heart sweeties in a decorated box is a beautiful keepsake

Your Favours can be made in a wide range of
materials, shapes and sizes the examples on the
site are just a few of the hundreds I have made
over the past ten years


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